Meet The Friends

This is May Li. She is six years old. She lives with Grandfather and Pip near Detroit, Michigan. Her best friends are Jorge and Dar, and her best-est friend is Pip, her beloved pet pig. She is kind, gentle, and generous.



This is Jorge. He is five years old. He was born in El Paso, Texas, to migrant parents. His parents are from El Salvador and Nicaragua. He is serious, analytical, and intellectual.



This is Dar. Dar is seven years old and prefers to be called by name or referred to by the pronouns they, them, and their. Dar’s mom died when Dar was two. Dar is raised by their dad, who owns a basketball team. Dar is energetic, fun, and fiercely protective of their friends.



This is Grandfather. He is a professor at the local university. He has raised May Li since she was two, when her parents passed away. He is extremely supportive of May Li and will impart advice only sparingly.



Last but not least, this is Pip. He and May Li met at a refugee camp on their way to the United States. They became instant friends. Pip is fun, mischievous, and loyal.